Death Needs Answers: The Cold-Blooded Murder of Dr. John Yelenic

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I am a Pennsylvania State Trooper, a soldier of the law. To me is entrusted the honor of the force. I must serve honestly, faithfully, and, if need be, lay down my life as others have done before me, rather than swerve from the path of duty. It is my duty to obey the law and to enforce it without any consideration of class, color, creed or condition. It is also my duty to be of service to anyone who may be in danger or distress, and at all times, so conduct myself that the honor of the force may be upheld.

During an otherwise quiet April night, Pennsylvania State Trooper Kevin Foley swerved from the path of duty and repeatedly stabbed Dr. John Yelenic to death. The vicious murder of the popular dentist rocked the community of Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

Documentarian Andrea Niapas gives us a thorough look at the crime and its aftermath, describing Dr. Yelenic's troubled marriage and complicated home life, and untangling the events that led to his wife's lover – Trooper Foley – to commit such a violently aggressive crime.

Found guilty by a jury of his peers, Trooper Foley has never confessed to the crime. What were the forces motivating Foley to break him oath to protect and serve? Do we even now know the truth about that awful night?