Looking for a venue to rent for your next event? The McKeesport Heritage Center offers a convenient space for reunions, showers, anniversary parties, small receptions, conferences, and more. Access to our museum is included in your rental, adding cultural and educational enrichment to your event. 

Our main event space seats up to 120 people auditorium style or 100 people at round or rectangular tables which are provided by the Heritage Center. 

If you are interested in renting the Heritage Center, please complete the form below, review our terms and conditions and we will get back to your request as soon as possible. 

To request Facilities Rental, please complete all information and submit the form below. All requests must be received thirty days prior to the event. Any questions, please contact The Center at 412-678-1832.

Facilities Rental Policy

The McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center (the Center) has made special provisions for the rental of the facility by community groups and organizations including: civic, service, churches, local business/industrial organizations, public and private schools, government organizations or by other groups that will enhance the mission of The Center. The Center provides this service to add to the cultural, educational, and ethnic enrichment these programs, events or exhibits provide to the community. Rental for individuals will be evaluated on an individual basis. Our space can accommodate 60 people seated at tables, and 100-120 auditorium style.

Overall authority for the rental of any individual area or rental of the entire facility resides with the Facilities Committee of the Board of Directors (Board) and the Executive Director.

  1. The request for rental must be made at least one month in advance and must not conflict with the schedule of the Center or any other organization with previous approval.
  2. The “Request for Facility Rental” Form must be completed and signed by the person authorized by the organization or group and submitted to the Executive Director.
  3. If the rental request is during normal operating hours, the regular activities of the Center will proceed as usual.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the facility, including entryways and vestibules.
  5. The use of the facility is not to be used for the conduct of religious services.
  6. There are to be no attachments to the walls or any part of the building structure.
  7. Please do not use glitter, confetti, feathers, or lit candles.
  8. Use of the facilities for the participation of minors requires a minimum of one adult chaperone for every five minors. Your group must provide these chaperones. Please remind parents or chaperones that they must watch their children, and remind children and chaperones that they are in a museum, there is no running and artifacts on display are not to be touched.
  9. The Center will not be responsible for securing the parking areas. If the rental party desires security of the parking lot, it will be their responsibility to make the necessary provisions. No parking signs are posted along Arboretum Drive. Please use the parking lots on either side of our facility.
  10. The use of the name McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center for any publicity must be for identification of the location only.
  11. Rental is for the Boycott Room (meeting room) only. Additional space is available in the lobby for a $50 charge and pending approval. Lobby rental must not affect the daily operations of the Center.
  1. The kitchen area is not to be used for the cooking of any food, only as a staging area.
  2. If your event is to be catered, the catering company must be listed on your rental form. Any caterer you choose must provide a certificate of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. It is your responsibility to contact the caterer and make all necessary arrangements, and it is also your responsibility to be sure the caterer provides the copies of their certificates in insurance. It is recommended that the caterer contact the staff at The Center during normal business hours to view the facilities and equipment available.
    • Some local caterers include: Executive Chef; Carriage Inn; Stratwood; Conrad’s of Homestead; Twin Oaks; Woody’s, Apple Harvest Catering.
  3. All supplies needed for the event are to be supplied by the rental party and/or caterer, except for the tables and chairs available at the Center (Table inventory on following page). We do not provide linens.
  4. The serving of wine is the only liquor permitted on the premises and must be approved by the Board. The rental party must agree to accept full legal responsibility for serving wine. No other liquor or beer is permitted anywhere on the premises.
  5. All food must be served in the Boycott Room (meeting room), not the lobby.
  1. All rentals require a $50 deposit at the time the rental is confirmed. The deposit is then applied to your rental fee.
  2. The Rental Fees are as follows:
    • On weekdays and Saturdays, for events starting before 2 pm, the rental fee for the Boycott meeting room is $150 for a three hour event, and includes one hour of set-up prior to your event and a half hour of clean up for a 4 ½ hour total rental. Additional hours are $50. For rentals that will exceed 8 hours, please contact the Center for special rates.
    • For events starting after 2 pm, and all day Sundays, the rental fee for the large meeting room is $100 per hour, including the hours necessary for set up and clean up times, with a three hour minimum.
  3. The full fee for the rental is due one week prior to your event.
  4. The rental party is responsible for leaving the facility in the same configuration and condition in which they found it. If there is any damage or the room is left in poor condition, the rental party will be responsible to pay for damages.
  5. Following the approval of the rental by the Facilities Committee and the Executive Director, the “Request for Facilities Rental” form is to be submitted and signed by an authorized representative of the rental party and a representative from The Center.
  6. A copy of the rental policy and a copy of the signed “Facilities Rental” form will be given to the authorized representative of the renting organization
  7. Additional Rental Fees:
    • Wireless Microphone System, $20
    • DVD / VCR with projector, $40
    • DVD / VCR with Television, $30
    • Laptop Computer with projector, $40
    • Use of lobby, $50

Tables and Chairs available at no charge:

  • 6 of 5 ft circular table (seats 8)
  • 25 of 33” square card table (seats 4)
  • 10 of 30” x 8 ft rectangular table (seats 10) usually used in kitchen or in main room for buffet
  • 100 of Chairs with cushioned seats
  • 32 of Metal folding chairs

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