McKeesport Trolleys: A Piece of the Past

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I grew up with these trolleys. They were a part of my life.

For many years I lived along Pittsburgh Railways' route 56 and I walked the tracks to school, to work, to McKeesport to shop or swim at the YMCA or to visit my grandmothers (both of whom lived along abandoned West Penn routes). On my way home I would pick up a discarded rail spike – a small collection of which could be redeemed with the junkman for enough cash to buy a Sunday pass, providing a whole day of trolley riding. This inspired in me a fascination for, and a million questions about, the Pittsburgh area transit systems.

Because I could find no source of information about Pittsburgh's Railways or the West Penn lines in McKeesport, my curiosity about many historical details and previously abandoned lines went unfulfilled. I began researching in 1975 and it took this long to compile complete and accurate stories with illustrations. Nearly all of the information in this book is being presented for the first time.

I hope it answers your questions about McKeesport Trolleys.