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It all started in March 2020. I don’t know exactly how it started but I knew it was bad. We stayed inside all day long, it eventually got boring and when it did we watched movies the rest of the day then the rest of the week then the rest of the month. My mom and dad started taking turns getting groceries, we couldn’t go to the grocery store and we didn’t bother asking because, and this is my opinion, going to the store is so boring, it feels like a waste of time but it is for food. We (me and my sisters) hated that we could not go to the movies, the park, soccer practice or soccer games, restaurants, or have friends over but for a 10 year old boy like me, I’ll be honest, I like texting. I mean it’s not better than having friends over but it is nice. I’m not sure what else to do but I’ll figure something out. I’ve learned how to solve the Rubic’s cube and I’m collecting action figures. It’s now the second to last day of school and now that I think about it it’s been pretty good. I’ve got more family time in and I think everything is going to be ok from now on.

your friend,


P.S. Stay safe, stay away and wash your hands.

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