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I have made adjustments and have slowed down during this lockdown

I thought it important to maintain a regular routine, out of the rack at 0630. Lunch at 1130 and no TV until 5 p.m to view FOX News THE FIVE.

I read more than ever, the internet has been both a blessing and a curse.

I enjoyed a virtual meeting on ZOOM with a group of Vietnam Veterans and we had a good visit with 31 guys. We sang God Bless America and Happy Birthday to those celebrating their day.

I do miss baseball games on TV but have learned to seek out worthwhile documentaries on Amazon Prime or C-Span or the History Channel.

I avoid mindlessly staring at low end shows that exploit murder, prison stays, zombie take overs or Bachelor dating.

I hope that this crisis will go away soon but am realistic in my thinking that our way of life has changed forever.

I pray for our President who has to make critical decisions in spite of the rancor and disdain by biased politicians and most media outlets.

We have to work together and stand shoulder to shoulder to get our country back soon.

Best wishes to all, feel free to reach out to me if you need to talk with someone who will not complain.

Donn Nemchick

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